Sunday, July 22, 2012

Show Hidden Files and Folder

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Have you ever had an empty flashdisk or some folder/file disappear when viewed using Windows Explorer, but when use "right-clicked --> Properties" there is a space that is used. Well .. if you are experiencing the same problem, do not format the flashdisk, because chances are your data is hidden.
I try to share a little knowledge to all to deal with this problem. OK just do like this.
  1. Open your Windows Explore, enter to Tools --> Folder Options --> View. Then Select  Hidden files and Folders chose Show Hidden files and Folders. click OK. If this can not display the file / folder, let's do the second way.
  2. The second way is using Command Prompt. This method can be an alternative.
    • First Open Commang Prompt from run ( Window + R ) then press CMD and Enter. When the window console is out, type the name of the drive to position your flashdisk example "H:" and press Enter.
    • When you have entered on the H drive, like the picture above type attrib -r -h -s /s /d and press Enter so that it becomes as follows.
    H:\>attrib -r -h -s /s /d 
    • Wait until the H:\>_ shown, and this the simple way to show hidden file / folder.
    • Change the "-" into "+" if you want to set hide back .

***Good Luck***


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