Friday, May 11, 2012

Login two user account using firefox

When we have several different accounts of email, twitter, facebook and etc. And We wanna login at the same time with firefox. We must create a new user profile in mozila firefox. There are two ways to do it
  1. Using the manual method with RUN
  2. Do like this.
    • Click Start Menu => Select Run or use the shortcut "CTRL + R"
    • Type "firefox.exe -p -no-remote" And then click "OK", so it will open new dialog box "Firefox -Choose User Profile".
    • Next click Create Profile, follow the steps to finish.
    • If you have finish create the user profile, you can use that to login with another accounts.
    • To add another Firefox user profile, simply repeat the steps above, depending on how many users Firefox do you want.
    • That's the way login with 2 diferrent account at the same time Using Firefox. With this we really have 2 firefox with a different setting. Automatic the new profile is using the default setting
    • Original link : calovision

  3. Using Multifox
    • Multifox is a Firefox extension that lets user log on to the web using different account at the same time.
    • Click this link to get multifox


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