Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Upgrade IDMcc Add Ons for Mozila Firefox

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Latest update of Mozilla Firefox has many additional features, but this update makes some addons not support. For example, Internet Download Manager (IDM CC) is an extension that allows the IDM to auto capture streaming video when the play button is clicked or audio streaming when the play button is clicked. To re-enable this feature on the new version of mozilla firefox. IDM CC is needed upgrade to the latest version. At least that's what I did after reading the article in Largest Indonesian Community (Kaskus), so my Internet Download Manager is running normally again.
  1. To upgrade click the following link idmmzcc.xpi to download the "xpi" file
  2. To install, start firefox and open the “xpi” file: File>Open File
  3. After that follow the process as we're installing on Mozilla Firefox Add Ons.
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